Water Level Lake Freeman Oakdale Dam

Lake Freeman Water Level

Lake Freeman Water Level Lake Freeman’s normal level is 610.35 feet. During normal conditions, NIPSCO can lower Lake Freeman to 610.10 feet. The difference between 610.35 and 610.10 feet is .25 feet or 3 inches. In 2012 the US Fish and Wildlife Service mandated the Oakdale flow rate be a minimum of 500 cvs to…

Lake Freeman Map

Lake Freeman Boat Launch Access Sites – Public and Marina

Here are the free and marina boat launching sites for Lake Freeman Monticello Indiana Blue Water Beach Park, Blue Water Drive, Monticello, Indiana Website: http://www.monticelloin.gov/bluewater-beach-park Dodge Campground at 409 Dodge Camp Road near the Monticello City Park on South Main Street, Monticello Indiana Website: https://www.facebook.com/DodgeCampLLC/ Lafayette Sailing Club, off CR 800 North, Monticello Indiana Website:…

Lake Freeman Dodge Camp Marina

Lake Freeman Boating Access

Lake Freeman and Tippecanoe River Access is available at: Bluewater Beach Park in Monticello. Dodge Camp Marina in Monticello Lafayette Sailing Club on Lake Freeman Tall TImbers Marina on Lake Freeman. Visit this website for more information: www.monticelloin.gov/fast-answers/parks-department/185/where-is-there-public-boat-access-on-lake-freeman.